New Website/Newsletter

New Website/Newsletter
Photo by Hal Gatewood / Unsplash

We are kicking the tires on a new website and a new way to stay in touch with you.

Our new home, at least temporarily is at, we are working on getting our old back up and running. Both urls will eventually point to the same website.

With this new website, we hope to provide a consistent and up to date set of information regarding things going on with cache dems. Including updates/information on candidates running in the county, including ways you can help support them.

These updates will be emailed to you periodically. We have 3 subscription options:

  • General - This will be general party information, with an esitimated frequency of about once a month.
  • Events - This will be event information, such as party caucus information, fundraisers, and other events. Estimated frequency is as needed.
  • Candidate/Campaign information - This will help keep you informed about candidates running in the county and ways you can support them. Estimated frequency is few emails normally, more emails during campaign season.

We welcome any feedback, now and ongoing, and as always are looking for volunteers.

In other news...

We are excited to announce that we were awarded a grant through the Contest Every Race organization and that it will bring not only money to our local party but support from a National organization.

You can learn about the grant from the following website: