Tips for running - An Evening with Karina Brown & Patrick Belmont

 We had a great evening round table with Karina, Patrick and some representatives from the state Democratic Party.

To be able to vote in the presidential primary in 2024, you will have to be a registered democrat. This is just for the presidential primary. Any other primaries for the democratic party will be open as in the past.

We have a shorter deadline this year, January 8th 2024 is the deadline for recruiting candidates.

Lessons Learned - Karina Brown

  • People feel insecure about talking to new people, and can sometimes lack the confidence to run. We need to help candidates gain that confidence.
  • Your life experiences can help others, Karina shared that through the health issues her mother faced, she was driven to become more involved, leading to the passage of medicare expansion in Utah.
  • Its important to help people feel empowered, that their civic engagement matters, voting, etc. matters.
  • Follow your intuition - Its important to humanize the aspects of candidacy, go with your instincts on how to convey a story and connect on a human level with others.
  • Don't be afraid to start small.
  • Be idealistic - know that we can be positive and proactive, solve problems, and be kind human beings.
  • Your perspective matters, we all bring unique perspectives, and have the ability to contribute our perspectives in a way that is meaningful, whether it be through office or other civic and non-civic endeavors.
  • Stepping into a different world - You have to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Speak up - Running for office gives you the opportunity to get your views out, via the radio, op-ed, etc. Allowing you to help steer the conversation towards the things that you think are important.
  • The media is receptive, and encouraging of getting more people engaged in Utah, more people running for office, increasing the diversity of the candidates.
  • Jason Williams is always looking for a democratic inteviewee on KVNU for the people.
  • Success comes in many forms, it may not be in winning an election, but in making changes in our communities.
  • We need more women to take their seat at the table and give their voice.
  • Teams are important, running for office isn't something you do alone.
  • Take time for family, its important to have their support, take care of them and yourself. Don't wear your self out.

What do you think you found was the most successful way to get people excited for your campaign?

Having a message that people can believe in and that resonates with them. Take time to connect with them. It takes a lot of boots on the ground. Be professional, have a good message, build those relationships.

Lessons Learned - Patrick Belmont

  • The R behind the name matters a lot, we need to get people thinking about issues, not just party affiliation
  • We need to invest in broadening the tent, highlighting how the democratic principals match the values of a large majority of Utahn's.
  • We are the party that is protecting individual freedoms in utah, we can highlight how the republican legislature has taken many freedoms away from people and created government overreach in some of people's most personal decisions.
  • We are the party of science, the Great Salt Lake is still going to be an issue. Republicans in the legislature clearly demonstrated in the last session that they do not understand the scope or urgency of the problem or how to fix it. Dems proposed real solutions, but they didn't get out of committee.
  • Climate Change is an increasing risk - its all talk from republicans, we need to show how Dems are working to solve this problem and creating jobs and cleaner air in the process.
  • Most republicans don't have a say in their party as it is increasingly run by extremists. We need to bring attractive alternatives to the table.
  • Fundraising is important, its hard to do it without money. Small donors are important.
  • We need more community building events. The focus should be on the substance of the event, the fun, the connections among people. The Dem brand should be present, but secondary.