Cache County Democratic Convention

Cache County Democratic Convention

Hello all,

The county convention for Democrats where you will get to hear from both local and statewide candidates is going to be held on Saturday, March 23rd at 2PM at Sky View High School in Smithfield. The address is 520 S 250 E. Our meeting is being held in the Commons area. Please enter through the west doors where there is a circular driveway. We are hoping for a good turnout to hear from candidates and we hope you can make it. As always reach out to for any questions.

I am sorry for so many posts recently, but we want to ensure that you get the most accurate information for both convention and caucus night as there has been some misinformation sent out from news groups.

Caucus night again will be March 5th 6-8PM at USU campus Old Main building room 115. Caucus night will also be an opportunity to meet our local candidates. We will be having a meet and greet with candidates during our check in time 6-6:30PM. This will be a nice time to visit one on one with them. We hope you can attend. If you are coming or even if you can't make it, please fill out our pre registration form with your most up to date information. The link is here .The Utah state party is holding a competition among counties who get people to fill out the preregistration and you filling out this form could help get us $250 from the state that we can use for our Meet the Candidate breakfasts we hope to have this summer. So please help us be one of the three counties to win this money.

Many people get confused as to why we have both Caucus and convention and why we can't do them together. The simple answer is state law doesn't let us. They have to be held separately. The earliest date we can hold convention is the date we have planned and we are only allowed a few weeks to hold these events because they have to be done two weeks prior to state convention. Spring break and the Easter holiday also fall into this time frame limiting options. Many wonder the difference between the two. Caucus is an opportunity for you to gather with people in your same precinct and elect leadership to represent your specific area you reside. We also elect our county delegates. Convention is where you get to hear from candidates in both local and statewide races and delegates get to formally endorse their local Democratic candidates. Because we are an open party we can also hear from any Independent candidates and we can agree to support those who share our values but no formal endorsements will be made for non Democratic candidates. If you have specific questions about either of these two events, reach out to us at We check this email frequently and can respond quickly to your questions. Thanks for your time!